No Mandate May

What was the point in this election? There was no need for her to ‘go to the polls’ to get a ‘mandate’ for anything. Why did PM May waste £130 million of public funds and the last 7 weeks of potential ‘Brexit’ negotiations? Now the Queen’s speech has been delayed because no one can form a government.

I’m not trying to theorise her rational but by calling an election, regardless of the Conservatives winning or not, a new government has to form and with that, 100 committee inquiries are dissolved and petitions from before the election are never looked at. Committees are the essence of scrutiny in Britain’s parliamentary system, without them, Theresa May has more power. The majority of these petitions and committees are to do with ‘Brexit,’ its legalities and what people want from it – surely that is more important than to get a weak and wobbly “mandate from the people” on the issue. Committees for the new government will take until October to set up, factoring in the summer recess and the Conference Season. (More time for PM May to have all power and no limits) Although, with the results of this election, we’ll be having another one by that point!


Turnout was almost 70% this time with large proportion of that being down to the youth vote. I’m so proud of all my friends who voted but wouldn’t normally – you guys helped reduce May’s majority so that she can no longer claim she has a mandate. We have shown that tactical voting worked (now if Corbyn could acknowledge that many of the votes for Labour were votes against the Tories not votes in support of him, that would be great).

Despite great turnout, I feel very betrayed by Tim Farron and Jeremy Corbyn, especially Farron as I’m a member of the Lib Dems. As leaders of the two largest opposition parties, they should have formed a progressive alliance with Caroline Lucas when she offered it. If they had, the Conservatives would have been annihilated. I won’t explain further as to how effective a progressive alliance between the three parties could’ve been, or that the Greens stepped down in certain seats despite not getting the same respect, Lucas wrote a great article to explain that herself.  The Greens could see the bigger picture, that there was (and still is) an imminent need to oust May’s Conservatives and to put aside party politics for the good of the country. Yet again, I question if I’ve joined the right party.

Even though I am annoyed with the Lib Dems, I do feel sorrowful at the farewell to Nick Clegg. I have friends who live in Sheffield Hallam so I have heard what a wonderful MP he has been from constituents themselves. I really appreciate that Jared O’Mara has cerebral palsy and that’s a victory for disability rights. But, nothing can be achieved for disability rights if the person representing them can’t be bothered to turn up to any hustings and can’t even string a sentence together! I refer, of course, to his acceptance speech which was so full of “errs” and “umms” that Jeremy Paxman cut him off on Chanel 4’s Alternative Election. Sheffeild Hallam was never going to fall to the Tories, so why did people vote out Clegg? Twitter claimed it was pay back for tuition fees, I’ve addressed that in a past post.

I’m more annoyed at those in Cabinet MP constituencies, however. Those who voted for Jeremy Hunt, Amber Rudd and Theresa May, what were you thinking? These three people in particular are destroying this country, you had the opportunity to get rid of them and you didn’t. Yes, you may be a Conservative voter who doesn’t want a Labour government, but, again, I addressed that in a previous post. I feel those who voted for Rudd have let down the immigrants of the country. Voting for Hunt means you do not believe in free healthcare and a vote for May herself is letting down the country as a whole. Safe to say, people who live in Hastings, South West Surrey and Maidenhead are not my favourite people at the moment.

“Coalition of Chaos”

There is a silver-lining: the Tories have lost 12 seats and can’t claim that they have a mandate for the brutal and ‘hard Brexit’ May is perusing. But, with most silver-linings, the cloud is a dark grey and one aspect if that is the ‘informal’ coalition with the DUP and the Tory aim for a formal coalition.

Apart from their somewhat illegal antics in the past, the DUP are anti-anything-that-might -vaguely-look-like-human-rights. I have concerns as to what this may mean for the LGBTI community of the UK, as does Ruth Davidson. In order to keep her and the Scottish Conservatives quiet, there have been assurances that this won’t effect LGBTI rights. However, there is a suggestion that there may be time limits placed on abortions as part of the deal. Whilst this is not the post to go into the debate of my body, my choice and the complex decisions and reasons, I will say this: Theresa May, we fought and are fighting bloody hard for this right; you do not get to take it away from us just so that you can have a majority for a government nobody asked for!

Literally, nobody wants this coalition. The DUP are resisting until they are happy with the agreement; there is a petition on to stop the coalition; Conservatives are opposed to May’s DUP-coalition…  This is not even looking into how this could invalidate the Good Friday Agreement as Westminster are supposed to be impartial to the Northern Irish conflict and are to act as peacekeepers. How can the Conservatives do this if they’re trying to form an official alliance with one side over the other? Fighting has already started in Liverpool. Is this thestrong and stable” leadership May gambled the future of the country for?

Having said that, this may just be the funniest thing I’ve seen all week:

Image result for dup campaign

Heading for a dictatorship?

I keep writing that Theresa May is setting up a dictatorship. We have seen in her manifesto that she wants to heavily regulate the internet. Now, with not even a majority to support her, this is the first policy she aims to set out. I will repeat from my Facebook post:

Dictators in the past have controlled the books we read; when we get all our information from the internet, is this not the same thing?

Add this to the amount of power she has achieved just by no longer having Committees in place until October and you have a very powerful government who can pass that legislation with very little scrutiny. Hopefully, the opposition in the House of Commons will be big enough to defeat the bill. However, the message it sends is still clear: May wants ultimate power and control.

On top of that, Theresa May is willing to put women’s rights on the discussion table in talks with the DUP. Many have pointed out that the DUP do not have the power to vote on British issues, only Northern Ireland. However, how I have understood this is that the Tories will pass time limits on abortion in the UK for the DUP. Even if that is not the case, the main issue is that May is showing how desperate and power hungry she is that she will risk our health for it. To me, that stinks of a looming dictatorship.


The UK is heading for even more political uncertainty. What will happen with ‘Brexit’ is anyone’s guess. At this rate, talks can’t get started in a few days’ time as they should. It is clear that the people don’t want May’s ‘hard Brexit’ but it is not clear what the people really want. I do honestly believe that May is showing signs of a future dictator with how much control she is trying to gain, but if polls and predictions are right (I hope they are!) then May will be forced to resign within the next few weeks and there will be an election within the next year, just to provide some form of political cohesion in the UK.