Voting the Tories out

Britain, we have an election looming, we need to put aside our party politics and vote tactically. This means voting for the party who is not a Tory and is most likely to get in based on 2010 and 2015 results (need to look at 2010 as the Lib Dems took a massive hit in 2015). For instance, even though I’m a Lib Dem, I will have to vote Labour as my MP is most likely to retain their seat and not voting for them will split the vote between Labour and (worse than Tories) UKIP. Tactical voting is part of a national campaign by Remainers to make sure the Tories lose their seats and is not part of making one party win. There is also Gina Miller’s ‘Best for Britain’ campaign to support candidates who will reject a poor plan for ‘Brexit’.

Tactical voting means that they do not necessarily need to be part of a pro-EU/anti-‘Brexit’ party, they just need to not be Tory. It would be great if they were also pro-EU themselves, but this is not possible in all constituencies and we need to ensure that the Tories don’t get in. It’s not about ‘Brexit’ and the cliff edge May is taking us to, it”s about cuts to the NHS, period poverty, rise in food banks and every terrible aspect of austerity that the Tories have blessed this nation with. What’s more, if we succeed and can get enough Greens, Lib Dems, and nationalist parties (e.g. SNP, not UKIP) seats, that will give the country a mandate to stop ‘Brexit’ as they are pro-EU parties and have it in their manifestos.

There is a concentrated effort to vote out Cabinet Ministers. If your MP is one, why not vote differently this time? Particular interest is on these Ministers:

  • The Prime Minister herself, Theresa May. She’s held her seat in Maidenhead for 20 years, I think she deserves a career change, don’t you?
  • The same can be said for Philip Hammond, MP for Runnymede and Weybridge since 1997
  • Amber Rudd in Hastings and Rye
  • Boris Johnson in Uxbridge and South Ruislip
  • Now, if we’re looking at MPs who should consider a career change, look no further than David Davis in Haltemprice and Howden who’s held his seat for the last 20 years, after 10 years in Boothferry. Being an MP since 1987 must be tiring, give the poor bloke a break!
  • I’ve already discussed how much I despise Jeremy Hunt, so in his style of destroying the NHS, South West Surrey, this is your time to destroy him
  • Oh look! Yet another old-timer, Liam Fox in North Somerset
  • Finally, Andrea Leadsom, who was only given a Cabinet role so that she would step down from the party leader race – South Northamptonshire deserves a nicer MP

If you live in one of these constituencies, please vote tactically and vote out these MPs. Many have had their seat for so long, they’ve become complacent and don’t even fight for their seat anymore, believing that it is a sure-win. Remind them that we have the power to take away their power.

Tactical voting may mean you may have to vote Lib Dem. But why would I do that, Farron’s a homophobe! Ugh, you all need to get over yourselves and see past the blatant media whipped-up hype over nothing. Tim Farron is far from homophobic. This is a man who consistently stands for LGBT+ rights and the only time he voted down an LGBT+ bill was because it didn’t go far enough for trans people! He’s a Lib Dem – they stand for equality for everyone. Do you know who is homophobic, though, Theresa May:

May's voting record
(Originally posted on Momentum’s Facebook page 18/4/17)

If you’re going to refuse to vote for a party because their leader is “homophobic”, at least let it be a party who’s leader is actually homophobic and allows their religious views to cloud their judgment.

I can’t forgive them for raising uni fees! I’m a student, and I don’t hate them for that one manifesto promise blunder because: A) the Tories aren’t exactly renowned for keeping all their election promises; B) the Tories twisted their arm on that one and C) the Lib Dems did everything they could to soften Tory rule. After the Tories manipulated their policies to look like Lib Dem let-downs, we were given the horrendous policies we’re seeing today. So quit whinging and tactically vote Lib Dem!

Or, you might end up having to vote for Labour. I’m not a Labour supporter and I don’t agree with Corbyn’s policies because I’m not a socialist. I don’t think he’d make a good leader because I find him really dull and boring. Having said that, if he gets in, at least he’ll actually fund the NHS (there’s a manifesto promise the Tories broke faster than the lives of thousands of poor families) and I’d rather listen to his dull voice than May’s vile voice spouting, “the country are united over Brexit”.

There may be a chance to vote Greens. They’ve actually got really good policies, are very similar to the Lib Dems in their liberal policies and are pretty much scandal-free. Vote for them if they are a strong party in your constituency.

The election is ridiculous and unnecessary. Here’s another meme I stole from Facebook, but I can’t remember where from:

election fraud

I would also like to add that it is because May knows that whoever ends up winning the election will be the government that bear the responsibility for the inevitable doom ‘Brexit’ will be. So if she wins, she can continue her little dictatorship, eroding our rights away  and if she loses, she can go join Cameron in the political abyss, watching the chaos whilst sitting on her millions.

Today’s Local Elections are not vital in the shaping of the government and so voting tactically is not as important. It is still important, however, that you don’t vote Tory or UKIP. For my local council, there are no Lib Dems and 3 candidates for UKIP and 3 Independents. My family and I were going to vote for the 3 Independents until we researched them and found that 2 of the 3 had previously been elected as UKIP councilors: be sure you know who you’re going to vote for and what they stand for, it only takes a quick internet search.

In June, don’t forget to tactically vote!