England should go independent, not Scotland

Scottish Independence is once again at the top of discussions since Nicola Sturgeon announced she wants another independence referendum. I don’t blame her. In 2014, I wanted Scotland to remain in the UK; the UK wouldn’t be the same without Scotland. Given that those who campaigned for Scotland to remain in the UK at the last referendum, including the government, used Scotland’s continued EU membership as a main ‘pull’ to keep Scotland in the UK, I think it fair for Scotland to jump the slowly sinking ship that is the UK.

I think they should take it further, however. I think  SNP should get Plaid Cymru and DUP involved (whist you’re at it, get Gibraltar involved, they did vote 95% in favour of the EU). I know that Wales voted to leave the EU, but Plaid Cymru know what that would do to Wales, and so believe in the EU. The four devolved assemblies should band together, meet with Theresa May and explain clearly: England should leave the UK. By doing so, England, would automatically leave the EU. We have Westminster and as it is ‘Englanders’ who are hell-bent on bringing an end to European peace, European integration and all the benefits the EU brings, we should be the ones to leave, we shouldn’t drag the others down with us, kicking and screaming. The UK could undergo some re-branding and even though it would have lost England, at least they’d still have the EU for support and wouldn’t have to re-apply.

If Wales really refused and really could not see the benefits to the EU, then the same applies, but with Wales and England kicked out of the UK, this would leave Northern Ireland, Scotland and Gibraltar to rejoice in their new-found freedom from Westminster whilst guaranteeing membership of the EU.


Obviously, this would never happen. The only way to reach Ireland, Scotland, Wales and (especially) Gibraltar from any of the others, which by-passes England, is by plane – so the physical practicalities create a stumbling block. Likewise, the four regions have completely different cultures (and to a lesser extent) languages which is one of the reasons why the four have devolved powers from the UK in the first place. This post is mainly to show the sheer lunacy and impracticality that “Brexit” brings.

By leaving the EU, the UK breaks the 1998 Good Friday Agreement; there is to be no hard border between Northern Ireland and the ROI. Also, Northern Irish citizens have a right to Irish citizenship; what will happen when the UK take the “hard Brexit” it is planning for and there is border control in Ireland and Northern Irish citizens who are Irish by nationality have to apply for permanent residency? Of course they won’t, silly. The government will figure out a way to let the Northern Irish with Irish citizenship remain in the UK without a fuss. Really? Because the government can’t even guarantee that my mum will be able to stay in the UK.

Gibraltar is so far away, it might as well be it’s own country anyway. When they’ve voted 95% remain, surely, they should get to stay. Why are they not being accurately represented in discussions and why does the government act as if they don’t exist? That is the most support any region had for the EU and they, too, are being dragged along with a plan that no-one is allowed to see and no-one voted for (we only voted to leave, the ballot paper didn’t say anything about the single-market, freedom of movement, Erasmus etc). If Gibraltar wants to go independent – I’ll support that, too.

We promised Scotland that if they stayed in the UK, we’d stay in the EU. That promise lasted no more than a year! So I’m sorry to the Lib-Dems – I whole hardheartedly support your party and I will pay my annual membership fee but I will not give you extra money to support a campaign to stop Scotland going independent. You keep emailing me about how bad the “Brexit” bill is, Scotland have a chance to get out – let them take it! Scotland voted for the EU, if they want to remain in the EU, then they deserve to have a second independence referendum and take the risk of re-applying.

I know that the EU have warned they would have to re-apply, but this is a chance for the EU to show England (I mean the UK, of course) that we have really pissed off the other 27 countries. Added to that, Scotland pushed for the EU during the referendum campaign, I’m sure the EU will welcome Scotland. Seriously, now that there are different circumstances, Spain does not need to worry that an independent Scotland would lead to and independent Catalan.

I genuinely believe that any of the other autonomous regions in the UK should go for independence. I’m envious of their opportunity to run from the hate and closed-minded views held by England and Westminster. Ignore Theresa May’s bullsh*t about leaving your “biggest trading partner” her words are more than laughable hypocrisy – they show how disillusioned she is about the UK’s relationship with the EU. Good luck to Nicola Sturgeon and anyone else who calls for independence, I stand by you.