This is your legacy:

Where to begin with this tragic tale? Let’s start with the NHS. It’s a big let-down, I know, but I was taught to tackle the big issues first. At the 2009 Conservative Party conference, in your bid to win the election, you declared:

That’s why we can look the British people in the eye and say this party is the party of the NHS now, today, tomorrow, always.

That speech is wonderful. As a politics student, I applaud your speech writers. It is everything thing the British people want to hear. A vow to protect our NHS. Beautiful. Perfect, even.

It fills me with rage to read this quote back and see what you have done to the NHS you swore to protect. I have already discussed how I feel about the NHS and what I think needs to be done; I even took the time to sit down with my parents and write letters to certain MPs. Make no mistake, I do not put all the blame on Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt. The reforms to the NHS were started under your leadership. We can see from the previously mentioned conference and 2014 that neither you, nor May had or have a mandate to initiate the rigorous reforms your party is ploughing ahead with. You have a mandate to reform the NHS, yes, but to ensure that it remains free, and that, sir, is not what you did or what your party continues to do.

Let’s move to another big issue. You were an incredibly weak leader. The rise of Nigel Farage and the far-right should worry anyone. It is not won, however, by pandering to their insistent cries. Like when a toddler has a tantrum on the floor, you look at them, shake your head, walk away and tell everyone else to do the same. That is how you deal with extremist parties trying to take away your seats. You do not call for a bloody referendum! I could write over and over again about how bad “Brexit” is for the economy, our social lives, but I don’t think looking at the big picture is going to work.

We all know that this has caused deep divisions in our society, but what about on an individual scale? Here is my own experience. I had a very good friend from year 7 until the referendum campaign, when I was in year 13. Now, I know we differed on political opinion and I understand that, of course, we couldn’t possibly agree on everything, but imagine my surprise when I found out that this friend was a staunch ‘Leaver’. Long story short, after many arguments, I found that he had simply ‘unfriended’ me on Facebook. Just like that, after almost 7 years of friendship, he deleted me from his life with a simple click of the button. Not even ‘unfollow’. I could go into the technicalities of how this is only possible due to modern day technology but that doesn’t bother me, it bothers me that this is how divisive your referendum made us, the country you supposedly love.

And then, to but it politely, you simply fucked off. Leaving the UK to deal with the fire you set alight. Thanks for that, it’s much appreciated.

Everything you did has led to the inevitable dictatorship we are seeing now. Austerity sent people with jobs to food banks. You allowed for migrants and refugees to be blamed for the shortage of doctors, houses, school places and anything else that your policies deprived this country of. It’s no wonder that people were so angry at anyone who comes from a different country. It’s no wonder that they fell for the ‘Leave’ Campaign’s lies that leaving the EU will cut immigration and that this would solve all the UK’s problems. The ‘Remain’ Campaign was poorly fought on your side, but you didn’t even defend those being vilified by Leave. This isn’t even commenting on how you let the Lib-Dems take the fall for your mistakes, making them lose seats when they were the only reason this authoritarianism was delayed.

I say “inevitable dictatorship” because… well… I worry. I fear for my loss of human rights and the way a 1.8% majority has become “the will of the people”and so much more. I can’t even express in words how fearful I am for the future of this country.  This is your doing, Mr Cameron. Before 23rd June 2016, I wanted to stay in England, be close to my family and work in the UK. Now, even my Nan is telling us (her granddaughters) to leave Britain.

I think the only good thing you’ve done for this country is provide adequate amount of Great British humour:

Image result for david cameron(that poor, poor, poor pig)


Charlie, an ex-Tory supporter

For a more economic evaluation of Cameron’s legacy, please see the LSE’s blog post here. As always, if you feel you have anything to add to a post regarding how Cameron’s policies have messed with your life, please feel free to share in the comments.

Here are some videos which capture the political climate at the moment that I just found too funny/accurate not to share: