imag2195 imag2193Emergency Protest against Trump’s #MuslimBan and #TheresaTheAppeaser

As we all know, Trump has signed an executive order to stop anyone entering the country from 7 different Muslim countries. I cried when I watched the news, not because of Trump – he deserves no tears – but because of the beautiful backlash from the American people. I have no idea how many people  took part but masses of people turned up at airports to demand that those who were being detained within be allowed into the USA. Immigration lawyers sat on the floor to work through cases (for free) to help people into the USA and the Supreme Court is looking into how this is ‘unconstitutional’. It was a truly magnificent display of human decency in the face of fascism. That is why I was moved to tears.

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Then my dearest Prime Minister turned up. She not only held hands with Trump, wants to make trade deals with him, but also refuses to answer any questions regarding the “Muslim ban.” I guess that’s what we get for cutting ties with the EU… poorer standards for trading with the USA to begin with and then having no option but to join forces with a fascist. Ah well, at least our PM is repeating the same mistakes as Neville Chamberlain, that means everything will be OK.

Muslims won’t screw up the country BUT Theresa MAY


That’s why I went to the ‘Emergency Demo against Trump’s Muslim Ban‘ last night. We cannot allow a world leader into our country when he openly has a policy which discriminates against one of this country’s large minorities. The UK must stand together to show that we stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters both in America and the UK; and all other people Trump will undoubtedly attack next. A British trade deal with the USA is not more important than the lives of our fellow humans. I oppose and despise our trade deals with Saudi Arabia, I’m not about to turn into a hypocrite because of our “special relationship”. Someone needs to stand up to Trump, so please join us in Leeds for the next protest on Saturday at 12 in the city centre.

It does not stop here, however; we must do more than tweet and march: Write letters to your MP, there will be a copy of a letter already written up on the Facebook page, ready for you to print off and sign.It states that we oppose Trump being allowed to come to the UK on a state visit; a trade deal is not more important than rights being lost. Also, sign the petition so that it gets debated in parliament.  If more people sign the petition than voted for “Brexit” and the government ignore it, then we will know how the “will of the people” really works.

Here are some more photos from the march, along with chants we shouted as we walked through Leeds city centre. Many are very blurry as I was taking them as I marched. Feel free to comment with your photos and chants.

Say ‘hey.’ Hey!

Say ‘ho.’ Ho!

Donald Trump has got to go!



No hate. No fear. Refugees are welcome here.

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There are many, many more of us than Trump. There are many, many more of us than Trump. There are many, many more of us; many, many more of us; many, many more of us than Trump!

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Love Trumps hate

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Refugees welcome here. Love is inclusive, not exclusive

United as one

When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence
  • Since writing this last night, Theresa May has stated she will allow Trump to have a state visit to the UK despite other members of Parliament disagreeing (even Boris says she needs to do something!).
  • A spokesperson has announced that whilst the government does “not agree” with the policy, it’s America’s business