I have already explained what I think people mean by the term “snowflake generation” in a previous post but I think we need a ‘shout-out’. The first time I got called a “snowflake”, I thought it was a sexist remark, turns out it was just a way to inform me that I’m too stupid to understand how wonderful Brexshit is. I have now changed my Twitter name to include a snowflake to represent that this insult no longer bothers me – I now see it as a badge of honour; it means I won’t stand for bigotry and I stand for my rights, even if others think I’m too ‘sensitive’.

We are constantly being vilified by older people,or at least, by people who believe they know better than us. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about. Of course, if it wasn’t bad enough that this “politician” screwed over my generation’s education, Gove has helpfully made a comment on us “snowflakes” (it’s as if he wants to be a hated politician):

A few days ago, I was “trolled” by this user. Whilst this Twitter user does not call me a “snowflake”, it is clear that it is their sentiment. I have no idea who this user is and so they know nothing about me or my life and have just assumed from my age. I can’t possibly know anything about the real world. I can’t possibly understand real politics. I’m too young. Maybe he’s right, but at least I can form a coherent Tweet…

Yes, I am young. True, maybe I don’t have as many ‘life experiences’ as this guy, but I would like to think I have some. The real essence here, however, is the two-faced attitude towards our generation, us “snowflakes”. That’s the problem with this generation if we have no interest in politics. This generation know nothing about the real world when we do get involved in politics. I have seen it from the EU campaign.

Despite my life having been heavily influenced by the benefits of EU membership, I couldn’t possibly understand the complexities of why it is essential we leave. Despite having discussed politics around the dinner table from a young age, studying politics at A Level and now doing a joint honours degree in the subject, I couldn’t possibly understand the politics of this country and formulate my own opinion of which party to support. Despite having had a good education and attending a good university, I couldn’t possibly be intelligent. That is the root of all these “snowflake” insults – anyone under the age of 25 is just too stupid to understand the real world.

I have news for all you who believe we can’t know anything due to our youth – you are the people who educated us. If we are unintelligent, then our stupidity comes from you. If we are too ‘sensitive’ to jokes, then it is because your ‘jokes’ marginalise our friends.

So this is for all the teenagers who get labelled as part of the “snowflake generation” and all the adults who get labelled a “snowflake” for being too liberal for your own good. Wear this insult with honour, like we do with all other insults. Turn the tables around so that we become the “snowflakes”, like the “baby boomers”. Our easily offended mindset is due to the long struggle people have gone through to experience the same level of social acceptance as cis white men.

What we are facing is the same backlash from those who would have stood against civil rights protesters in the 1960’s.  Don’t allow for people to tell you that you are being pathetic or sensitive, you are standing for your right to feel safe and to not be violated by others’ ‘jokes’. During the 1960’s, it was acceptable to do ‘black-face’; now we know that Hollywood could just employ a black actor. Maybe one day, instead of getting Eddie Redmayne to play a trans-woman, we’ll actually have trans-actors playing trans people (sorry, Eddie, you’re adorable, just needed to prove a point).

We are doing nothing wrong. We are the ones who will lead this world to a fairer society by putting an end bigotry and educating the next generation about our rights as humans.