I don’t feel anger, I feel numb. Even on 24th June, I felt something, I know I did because I cried and called up my friend and cried with him as we despaired at what lies ahead of us. I don’t feel that way now because I expected it. My last thought as I went to sleep last night was ‘Trump is going to win’… After “Brexit”, anything is possible. I fear for the future world my baby cousin is walking into. I see her beautiful little smile and the way her giggles light up the room and I wonder, how much longer will it last?

I don’t want to go into all the bad things that Trump, (or should that be, “President Trump”?) has done. We know what sort of person has just been elected as President of arguably one of the most influential countries in the world:

We shouldn’t blame the people who voted Trump, we need to look at the causes which lead to his narrow victory. The reasons Trump is on power are the same as those which lead to people voting ‘Leave’. The right wing press has a lot to do with it. Blaming and dehumanising immigrants and minorities for the problems of our countries, rather than admitting it is the fault of our very own elected governments. Britain and America are facing the same issues: a lack of education on women’s issues, leading to a rise in misogyny; a lack of education on LQBT+issues, leading to a rise in homophobia and transphobia; a lack of education for the problems refugees and migrants are escaping. Our two “great” nations need to understand and debate for and with people who differ from “the norm”.

We don’t listen and understand what it must be like to feel pressured into leaving work because she has a baby, but her husband doesn’t face the same pressure.We don’t listen and try to understand how it must feel to hate their body because it is not the one which matches how they feel. We don’t listen and understand how it must feel to have to flee their home in the middle of the night because the bombs are getting closer. Again, the right wing press has much to do with this. Not only that, the government is fueling it. Just read my post on my own government’s recent xenophobia.

What is happening to the world? I thought we were moving forward, I thought we were becoming more accepting. Why is xenophobia spreading across “the West”? There’s only so far we can blame the press and our governments. Why do we ignore the signs that the likes of Trump and Farage spout the same vile fascism which Hitler and Mussolini did? I want to say that this is their right to freedom of speech, but that only goes so far. They are inciting hate, that’s not a freedom.

I’m currently studying  J.S. Mill’s ‘On Liberty’. In it, he fights for free speech but is very clear that whilst you can write what you want, you can’t say those same views to an angry mob (the way Trump does). He explains that we need to hear these views to remind us of our own freedoms; we can’t just shout down these views, we must engage in debate with them. I agree, we need to engage in debate, and reading how I should “go home” reminds me of how lucky I am to have laws which protect me from physical abuse for the same reasons. People are allowed to express these minority views, and based on Mill’s reasoning, they should, but I cannot believe that these hate-filled views are now becoming government policy.

I genuinely want to know what is happening to our world. My freedom to feel safe is being eroded by extreme “freedom of speech” (which is actually hate speech). I want to know why it is suddenly so easy to sway groups of people to vote for a fascist state and why everyone is full of so much hate. Are we really heading towards a complete melt down of logic and reason? Has Britain paved the way for fascism to once again sweep Europe? Has America just given justification to it?

I want to see a well argued debate, so please, use the comment section to write what you think is happening and how we can stop it, or maybe why you think I’m wrong.

I have always tried to stay positive but with hate crime on the rise and people attacking judges for defending democracy, it is hard not to think of the worst. There are so many issues flying around at the moment, I can’t comment on how I feel about everything – I’m so conflicted with emotions that this may not be the most well written post on this blog, sorry! All I want is to rewind the clock to last year, when Cameron suggested a referendum, when Trump announced his stance for presidency and I want to stop them both. I want to go back to the early 2015, when I held my cousin for the first time and I pictured a bright future for her, a happy future.