As some of you may be aware, this Thursday, I will be taking part in (and have been hosting) the Postcard Campaign (#StopBrexitPostcard). I have written a post explaining why I’m in and how to join (which has links to the Facebook event page and the website). So I thought I’d write this post to say it’s not to late to take part. You can still get involved as it is so quick and simple to do. The Facebook page and website have many different ways to send your card.

If you do choose to take part, or if you are already involved, here are some quick reminders about the Campaign. It looks like you have to remember many things to take part but most of this list is just explaining how the campaign will work:

  • Unless you have a valid reason as to why you send it a day late or early, please send out your card on the 1st September (Thursday) via 1st class to arrive on the 2nd September (Friday)
  • The point of the campaign is for a large volume of cards to arrive at 10 Downing Street (to the PM) and Houses of Parliament (your MP) all at once. We do not expect them to be read or replied to as hopefully there will be too many for this to be possible. Having said that, there is always a chance, especially with the MP postcards, that they will be. Please ensure your message is a sensible request.
  • The campaign is to try to prevent ‘Brexit’ as MPs will be discussing the possibility of a 2nd referendum on 5th September. Your message should include what you want. EG. mine is along the lines of: ‘Please do not invoke Article 50 or hold a 2nd referendum as the issue has divided the country so deeply. Instead, please take the referendum results to the EU Commission and make drastic changes to the workings of the EU’
  • You must write in blue/black ink – Houses of parliament don’t like letters written in colour
  • Please send the letter to your MP to Houses of Parliament (this way it gets logged and all can arrive in bulk)
  • Please ensure that your postcard has the EU flag as the picture in order to show that it is part of the same campaign (images available on the website)
  • On 5th September, change your social media profile pictures to the 48% EU flag (picture on FB page/website) for 24 hours
  • Most importantly – share and invite others to the event and get as many people as you can involved. We want so many people to take part that Parliament won’t know what’s hit them (well, hopefully it’ll be a #SeaOfBlue that’ll hit them 😉 )

Thanks again to all those who take part and all those who are helping to make this happen.