Imagine the EU as a family. We are the young adult, trying to find our own way through life; France and Germany are the parents; Poland is the aunt; Greece is our cousin; Belgium is our best friend; the rest of the EU is our extended family and friends. Sometimes we fight with our parents. Sometimes we have to smile through, pretending to like (but secretly looking for the receipt) the gift our aunt bought. Of course our cousin will sometimes create family arguments; but our best friend is there for us when this all happens, listening with a good cuppa. At the end of the day, this is our family, of course we’ll have disagreements, but the important thing is that we’re there for each other in times of need. There is not point in breaking up a dysfunctional family – we need each other. So now, Britain, we’ve had our tantrum, it’s time to stop acting like the baby of the family and start acting like the mature adult we have become whilst growing up in this family and work with them to solve our issues.

So how do we come down from our room, which we’ve locked ourselves away in, whilst listening to all the fun our family is having downstairs?  We start by taking small steps.  We take action and those of us that didn’t want to disassociate ourselves from this family in the first place have to take the lead in this.

One step you can take is to take part in the Postcard Campaign. This is how we slowly apologise to our large, unruly, but loving family. This is how we can show our government that Britain is back and ready to stop crying over spilt milk and fight for bigger problems we have in this country and see how our extended family can help us.

My last blog post will explain why this campaign is important to the country and why we should continue to fight for the UK’s membership in the EU.

For full details on how you can get involved, please follow this link to the Facebook page which has all the information, including this:

Each of us sends ONE postcard to Theresa May at 10 Downing Street. We each write a simple message on the back, relating to a Brexit issue that matters to us.

Here is the address:
10 Downing Street London

We also each send ONE postcard to our own MP, at the Houses of Parliament, not their constituency address, again with a simple message.

On Monday 5th September (note – new date), we will also change our profile picture to the ‘I am the 48%’ image, which I will attach in on a comment on this event page, for 24 hours.

There is a lot of information on this Facebook page which will help you find postcards and how to send the letter to your MP. If you don’t have Facebook, or can’t find the page, please visit the associated website.

Important: you MUST send out your postcard on the 1st of September via 1st class to arrive on the 2nd September.

This campaign won’t work unless thousands arrive all at once to illustrate how keen we are to remain a member of the EU.

These are the postcards we want to be sent out so that it is clear it is all part of one big campaign:

This image can be found at and on the Facebook page in various formats.

It’s simple really

All you have to do is print off this post card (or the image and stick onto another postcard – more ideas on the website and Facebook page).

Share this campaign with as many friends as possible so that it gets bigger.

Write a simple message on one for Theresa May, our new PM, with the address of 10 Downing Street (above).

Write a simple message to your MP, addressed to Houses of Parliament.

Post them first class on the 1st September.

Your job is done. Sit back, relax, and hope it works.

Thank you to all who take part!