I am shocked and horrified to the rise in xenophobia in this country. This is not about Brexit, this is about comments made by those on the Leave campaign making it OK to blame migrants for the ills of this country which were the result of external factors or our own ‘British-better-than-Brussels’ politicians.

People are turning a blind eye to the xenophobia which is rising in this country, just as they did in Italy and Germany during the 1920s and 30s. Posters such as UKIP’s poster:


Blame European Union migrants for the loss of UK jobs despite European Union migrants doing jobs Brits refuse to do (point 4). This is actively creating hatred towards migrants who are working hard to contribute to our society: Migrants such as my mum and aunt. This poster and:


As mentioned in my previous blog post, really do remind me of Nazi propaganda such as:the20jews20as20the20instigator20of20war Does it really take an Italian-German-Brit to point that out to you? I see the after-effects of fascism in Italy and the strict anti-xenophobic laws which Germany has in place to stop this from happening again. I do not want to see this happen to my home country. I do not want to have to ‘flee’ the UK like my mum’s friend feels she has to; in the way that Italian Jews such as my Italian (subject) teacher’s grandparents had to in the 1930s.

This is Britain; this is a safe haven for refugees and a new life for migrants. We don’t feel welcome. I don’t feel welcome and I was born and raised here – my father is British, I am half British and I don’t feel wanted in my own country.

This isn’t overreaction towards UKIP’s posters. The posters and Farage’s comments on how you are allowed to talk about migrants because apparently, “You know the difference” between a German and a Romanian migrant. Comments like that allow other people to believe it is acceptable to vilify migrants. For instance, on my last video, I merely had the audacity to say I was disappointed about the referendum result but that it was democratic and thus I must respect that. However, I have received xenophobic comments:

So the EU is good because it gives Italy money and the UK being a major contributor to EU funding it is bad because now Italy wont get as much money…so ultimately your reasons for wanting the UK to stay in the EU are selfish. Its OK because all the immigrants are also sulking because they think they will get less also.

Also you being Italian still have a EU passport so what are you complaining about, it must only be about UK donations to Italy.

I do not want money for Italy from the UK, I want money from the European Union for my local area in the UK and across the EU to see the lives of those in less-well-off districts to be improved and benefit from Regional Development Aid.

If that wasn’t bad enough, because I’m duel-national:

“As an Italian-Brit” fuck off retard.

Then there was a comment telling me to leave the country which I reported and is no longer visible. The whole point of my last video is that, yes, I feel I must leave, but that is different to wanting to leave. England is my home, I was born in an English hospital, and I went to an English school. I am British, this is my home and I’m being told to leave this country?

So I am pleading with you, if any of these posters distress or alarm you (despite not having been personally attacked) under Section 4A of the Public Order Act 1986 you can complain to the police and you can ask for a crime to be reported against the person (Nigel Farage – he lead the campaign and allows for these posters to be published) as these posters are hurting us, European Union nationals and immigrants/refugees, too. We must stop this abuse being publicly and legally displayed. We must say no to those who feel it is acceptable to tell young Polish children ‘to go home’. We must take a stand against those who feel it is acceptable to to tell us, including those of us who were born in this country, to leave the UK.

This is xenophobia, this is unacceptable. It is not what Britain stands for,  it is not representing British views. This is the country which built a human wall to stop Mosley from allowing Brown Shirts to copy Hitler. This is the country which will stand and prevent EDL or Britain First from marching – this makes me incredibly proud to be British… but not anymore. We are turning a blind eye to this and it needs to be stopped.

The video for this: