After finishing my EU politics course: having done my exam last Thursday: having posted my postal vote, I decided I was done with the EU referendum. And then this came through my door, addressed to me, personally.

IMAG1203Yes, Turkey does want to join but it has taken them 10 years to tick one thing off a long list of conditions to join. They’re not joining any time soon. Every member state of the EU has a veto against member states and so no new members will be joining until all 28 countries agree with the new country joining. I find it highly offensive and misleading that the the Leave campaign have highlighted that Iraq and Syria are next door to Turkey. Yes, these countries are unstable but even if Turkey were to join, they would still have closed borders to non-EU countries. Also, Syria and Iraq have a refugee crisis at the present moment. Isn’t this the moment Europe should unite to help them, even if it’s just setting up camps in Syria and giving a united aid so that these desperate people fleeing don’t have to leave their homeland? Shouldn’t we be doing that, instead of tying to divide our pVote Leave false promisespolitical union?

Now these ‘facts’ are fairly questionable. It’s already been disproved that we give away £350 million a week to the EU; we give away £250 million. Also, that’s not even that much in terms of government spending – it’s 0.6% – and I’ve already posted a video from Channel 4 about how money from the EU benefits us in a previous post. Plus, do you really honestly believe that extra 0.6% of spending will go to the NHS? Really, really think about which government are in power and what they are doing to the NHS – the people on the Leave campaign are not the ones running the country.

The worst part about this leaflet is not the exaggerated ‘facts’ and the implications of xenophobia against the new countries to join, it’s the fact that this came on Friday. This Friday and over this last weekend there was supposed to be suspended campaigning after the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox. So, why then, dearest ‘Vote Leave’, did I receive this, clearly a campaign leaflet, on the day of no campaigning?

But this isn’t about the lies or this particular leaflet. This article is about the vilifying and stereotyping of EU nationals, of the future countries to join the EU and the general xenophobia which has been created.

Image result for here for love not benefits eu flagMy mum came to this country 25 years ago with every intention to ‘go home’ but fell in love with my ‘Brummie’ dad and instead chose to make England her home. Yesterday morning she told me how she has never felt so unwelcome in England. My aunt also lives here with her ‘Mancunian’ husband and their beautiful baby. It makes me laugh about the EU migrants ‘stealing our jobs’ or ‘taking our benefits’: my mum is self employed and pays taxes – she’s not taking any jobs or taking any benefits. Likewise, my aunt is a foster parent, actively helping and working with her local community. I hate this vilifying of my loving and hard working family.

On top of this, here’s Nigel Farage in front of a clearly, not just xenophobic but, racist poster. His German wife must be so proud.

This is an incredibly racist poster. It is incredibly insensitive to the hardship desperate people who are fleeing their war-torn homes are experiencing. These everyday day people like you and me. Some will be highly skilled, therefore likely to benefit the UK and EU economy, and some won’t be, just like the British population. Where is Farage’s sense of humanity? His blatant ignorance to the need to work together as decent human beings baffles me.

This poster and his glee reminds me of posters I saw at GCSE: ‘Long live Germany’ and ‘The war is his fault’. If somebody directly said to you that one group of people are the sole reason  for everything going wrong in your life, you would believe them to be bigoted crack-pots, so why on earth has Farage got so much support for blatantly saying the same thing? He’s wording it in such away so many are swayed to believe him.

In 1936, fascists tried to take over Britain and instead we united and showed we are a nation of acceptance and made a human wall to prevent the Brownshirts under Oswald Mosley from claiming Jewish lives: The Battle of Cable Street. Don’t let our legacy of acceptance be ruined by the xenophobes of ‘Leave’.

It makes me feel physically repulsed when in interviews Farage says, “You know what the difference is”. No, Nigel, no I don’t. Please elaborate what the difference is between a German migrant and a Romanian migrant.

Is this honestly the man who you want to gain more influence in this country? If we Leave the EU, there is a good chance he will have more power and dominance. This is not what Britain stands for; this is not representing British values.
People in desperate need, seeking help and support, come to this country over all others because we are an accepting nation. We don’t care about race /religion etc. If you get abused in any shape or form for it, the courts and laws will protect you. That makes me incredibly proud to be British.
Don’t let this man’s nonsense fool you.
If we leave the EU, we will have to join the EEA and still pay to the EU and still have freedom of movement and still comply with all that ‘unnecessary’ regulation and we won’t have any influence.

This post is to say that Britain is better off in the EU. More importantly, this is a post to point out that this is the hatred and xenophobia created by Leave. I have studied the EU, there are things that make me angry and I do want to see change. However, I do feel the EU is best for our country.

The Leave campaign are not all xenophobes, for instance, people like Gove have condemned Farage’s posters and some members of Leave have left to join Remain in response. There are some serious concerns being raised by those ‘Leavers’ but the leaflets and posters are saying otherwise. They are saying that Britain is best and we don’t need any one else. Who’s going to run our NHS after we kick out all our highly-skilled medical staff and low-paid cleaners from the EU?

I want my country back because I don’t like the xenophobia which as been created through this referendum. This referendum has created such mass hysteria against immigration, I don’t recognise us anymore. If Leave win the referendum, the xenophobes like Farage will gain more power and control. Are these the people you want running the country? Remember this quote when you go to vote on Thursday the 23rd June:

“I sometimes fear that

people think that fascism arrives in fancy dress
worn by grotesques and monsters
as played out in endless re-runs of the Nazis.
Fascism arrives as your friend.
It will restore your honour,
make you feel proud,
protect your house,
give you a job,
clean up the neighbourhood,
remind you of how great you once were,
clear out the venal and the corrupt,
remove anything you feel is unlike you…
It doesn’t walk in saying,
“Our programme means militias, mass imprisonments, transportations, war and persecution.”
That’s it. I refuse to say any more about the EU. When you vote on Thursday, please think about the people you are supporting.