If you haven’t seen already, you must see BBC Three’s Racism Season. There are 4 episodes plus a short clip from Reggie Yates’ documentary highlighting the ludicrous ‘sagging pants’ violation. They were all really good and useful in showing that racism is prevalent in the UK, not just the USA.

We Want Our Country Back

A documentary exposing Britain First. They claim that this is good publicity for them but I personally think it shows that Britain First are a danger to the country. They boast posters with ‘No more mosques’; claim that Muslims are the only immigrant population of Britain which refuse to integrate into British society, which is BS in all honesty; intentionally antagonise British Asians and Muslims in order to drum up support online. Most importantly, with their deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, being a law graduate, they know how to remain articulate and within the law.

Dear Britain First,

You claim to be ‘taking Britain back’. ‘Back’ from what?  Are you, like one of your supporters on the episode, terrified that “one day, England won’t be England anymore. It’ll be Islam.”? If so, that just shows your ignorance to the religion of Islam (yes, that’s right! Islam is a religion like Christianity, not a country like England).

Whilst we’re discussing religion. You are, as you are allowed to be in the UK, very proud to be Christians and British. I’m proud to be British, just as I am proud to be Italian, but I’m not Christian. Does that mean that I’m not British enough? Does that mean that I am not truly patriotic to this country? Believe me, my lack of faith in an invisible being in the sky is not what’s making me less patriotic: my understanding that the Lake District brings in more tourism than the Royal Family and my desire to ship them off to America to avoid digging out the guillotine is more along the lines of why. But less about my distaste for an unelected family which wastes tax payer money that could be spent on reforming the NHS (this point requires a whole new post): am I any less British than you, Jayda or Paul? Especially you, Jayda, with your immigrant grandparents.



They claim not to be a racist party and if you watch the programme, and listen to Jayda’s explanation, she’s right. Strictly speaking, they are not racist. However, they are extremely Islamophobic. At one point, they enter a restaurant serving Halal food and claim that Zakat funds terrorist groups. Likewise, they claim that “where there’s a mosque, there are Muslims” (wow! well done! You must have got an A* in RS GCSE) and “where there are Muslims, there’s extremism”. I’ve already explained in my previous post  why all of this is wrong and that groups such as Britain First are the cause of Islamic extremism.

Is Britain Racist?

Well according to this episode, we are. This episode explores the scientific and psychological reasons we are racist. It shows how even those of us who would not consider ourselves racist, have racial preferences without realising it due to media portrayal of certain ethnic groups. It shocked me that this is what’s happening to our brains because of what we watch.

Likewise, it shows that Britain First are not the only growing far-right, borderline fascist, ‘party’ growing in the UK. With more reports of terrorism and the rise of Euroscepticism, these ‘political groups’ are getting more and more support. Well, what did you expect when the government refuses to admit to the public that EU migrants are more likely to have a job and not benefits than Brits because immigrants in general are more likely to take any job than the best job. That the government refuse to admit that we already have the best deal we can have from the EU and we are not that important to them, they will quite happily boot us out. Especially, when the government refuses to admit that a terrorist is not just a Muslim shouting ‘jihad’ but is anyone who poses a threat to national security- there are plenty of groups within the UK who could fit into this.

Yes, Britain, we are racist and we refuse to admit it. We believe that if we say we only have a problem with immigration then we are not being racist. However, when that means you’re more likely to be arrested if you come form an ethnic minority background, or be refused jobs despite the fact it was your grandparents who emigrated to the UK… Yeah, we are, but let’s find a way to change that. We can stop assuming that every person who has darker skin than us is an immigrant stealing our jobs and our benefits. Britain is a legally tolerant country, let’s be an accepting country, too.

Reggie Yates: Race Riots USA

I’ve already written two posts over the summer about civil rights in the USA. It’s a shame that even in Ferguson, racial tensions are still high. This episode was a real eye opener to see how your race really effects your life in certain parts of America.

The problems with the laws in Ferguson are demonstrated to show how they disadvantage African Americans, such as the ‘sagging pants’ violation. I genuinely, as a feminist, find it offensive that women are discriminated against for a bra strap showing yet men are allowed to have their trousers ‘sagging’ off their arses, exposing their underwear, but that is not the problem here. I at least don’t get a fine for my bra strap. This law is actively discriminating against a section of American society as is simply unjust.

I think in order to fully understand the complexity and the different view points about this issue, you have to just watch it.

KKK: The fight for white supremacy

Save the most ridiculous for last…

The meme was too funny not to.

Dear KKK,

Do you realise how stupid you look? You actually look like a bunch of five year olds on their first Halloween wearing their bed sheet that they took scissors to; cut out eye holes; then got a bollocking form your mum for destroying her favourite bedding.

I’m not going to argue with how pointless your arguments are as to why you believe you are the superior race. I’m just going to laugh at your arguments.

One of your old geezers in the doc. explained how African Americans have “the curse” (dun dun duuun)! Apparently they mated with a monkey and that’s why they have darker skin than white people?! Urm… OK, that’s a completely logical argument with books of scientific data to back it up… It has nothing to do with the biological reason that over thousands of years, through this scientific process called evolution, people from different parts of the world have adapted to their climate. Therefore, people who’s ancestors came from Africa have darker skin in order for the body to naturally protect itself from the dangerous and cancerous sun rays. Likewise, people with ancestry from Northern Europe have paler skin in order to absorb as much of the healthy and beneficial sun rays. Yep, darker skinned people definitely have “the curse”.

Wait, I have Southern Italian in me. Southern Italian ancestry is North African. Do I have “the curse” too!? NOOO! Eh, I don’t care, I get a great tan, well at least it’s better than the burnt red that you pasty supremacists get.

Back to the ridiculous-ness of your organisation:

  • you burn crosses – isn’t that what Jesus-haters do?
  • you’re called the Ku Klux Klan – that’s such a tongue twister and again makes you look like a 5 yr old who can’t spell and decided they like the letter ‘k’ and ‘u’ – keep reading to see more proof of this
  • you call yourselves ‘Knights’ (I have not argument against that, other than ‘K’)
  • you have ‘Kleagles’ and ‘Kluds’ and a ‘Chief Klud’  – this is too funny
  • you follow a book called the ‘Kloran’ – apart from this sounding like the Qu’ran, which I’m sure as a white supremacist, you would despise, apparently it’s so secretive, you couldn’t reveal it on the documentary. What does is say? Put a ‘K’ in front of every word that you can think of?

You guys are so funny, how could you actually be a threat?

On a more serious note, so glad you’ve stopped lynching, please don’t start that again. Also, could you do us all a favour and grow up. Being white supremacist does not make you better than anyone else, it just makes you less educated.



Whilst I was horrified at what the KKK preach, they’re good to laugh at. Here’s another meme before I finish:

Overall, go watch this special on the BBC. It’s educational and funny. Even if these people are serious, they don’t pose any real threat.

Just watch the entire racism season. It’s too good not to see!