Today I have seen many news articles and posts on social media about the death of Sandra Bland. So I looked her up and found this artlice from The Guardian.
I watched the video of her arrest.
I read the article about her arrest.
I looked up The Fourth Amendment Right.

After doing all this, I have some questions:
Why did the officer take her out of the car?
Why wouldn’t her tell her why she was being arrested?
Why was she arrested?
Why would he call for back up?
Why wouldn’t he let her film what was happening, if this is her right?
Why didn’t he read her her rights?
Why would he lie about what happened?
Why did she ‘commit suicide’ in prison if it was a minor offence and she taught people how to defend themselves against police brutality: surely this would give her more to work with?

I have many questions about this, my two most pressing are in bold. I’m not an expert on American law, but I’m pretty sure she had the right to know why she is being arrested and instead of telling her, he repeated that she was under arrest. No wonder she kept asking him why. No wonder she got agitated so quickly. Wouldn’t you if you had been forcibly pulled out of your car for no reason; shouted at; told you were under arrest with no reason given; hurt so badly you feel your wrist is going to brake and then suddenly you are the one who escalated the situation?

The officer’s behaviour was unacceptable and I hope the he is removed from law enforcement as he clearly is not enforcing the law but rather escalating small occurrences dramatically. Whether this was race related or not (which is most likely, considering the location and races of the two involved), this shouldn’t have happened. Someone being pulled over for driving should not suddenly become a massive Twitter storm with hashtags and people expecting explanations (I’m one of those, by the way).

It is unbelievable that in 2015 we are still having to deal with race issues. With the anniversary of the ’65 Selma March, it is expected that people are not just tolerant (what is there to be tolerant to? Someone looking different?) but accept that everyone is different. People have varied ethnicities, races, religions, backgrounds etc, why can’t people acknowledge that and move on?

It’s like here in Britian. We have the god-awful EDL and BNP promoting hatred and intolerance, unfortunately, mainly towards Muslims, and it makes no sense. The similarities to America is uncanny, the only major difference is the lack of guns. Violence towards people for any reason is wrong, especially concerning things people can’t change.

It is very sad that it has now resulted in Sandra’s death. Whilst a coroner has found it was suicide, I do believe there should be an investigation into Brian Encinia’s actions. This is a tragedy which could’ve been avoided.

Whilst it is sad, I hope Sandra’a memory and legacy lives on as someone who fought for her rights and stood up to the law when it was treating her unfairly. She will be remembered for her defiance against oppression. Her family deserve justice and hopefully they will get it.

The details are very sketchy and varied.
Was she or wasn’t she depressed? If she answered yes, why didn’t they keep an eye on her? Texas, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.