Dear Joshua Bonehill,

I’m appalled that in 2015, with the Queen giving a speech about the Holocaust this week, I am awoken by my mother’s disgust to the hatred a friend on Facebook had shared in disgust:

The link to this outrageous blog post if you are curious to pollute your minds with BNP nonsense

I cannot believe that this is happening. We have anti-discrimination laws to protect us from marches like this. I can guarantee you, that there will not be a party in Golders Green next week.

Seriously? A party? That’s how you’re going descripe a march openly showing hatred towards a particular religion? A religion which throughout history has been persecuted and slaughtered for their beliefs.

Judaism is one of the oldest surviving religions in the world and from as far back as the Roman Empire, Jews were harassed and classed as second class citizens. They were then attacked in Pogroms in Russia during the 1800’s, gassed to death in Hitler’s Germany during the 1940’s and exciled from Italy at the same time: referring to the ‘gas’ is just promoting your wish for a new holocaust. Even now, in their own country, Jews face threats from neighbouring Arabic states. Can you not just give them a break?

Dear Lord, your moronic belief that white Brits need to exterminate the non-white Jews. I’m sorry, have you seen British Jews? Firstly, most of their families have most likely been in the country since 1070 as this was the first recorded account of Jewish settlers in England. Apart from those Jews who are stereotypical and do actually have a long nose with dark curly hair, I have met Jews who are paler than me and are ginger! Now if we’re going on the logic that gingers are not white then clearly neither am I as I’m darker skinned than most of my white British friends due to my Italian heritage.

Speaking of heritage, you Joshua Bonehill, who is promoting #SummerOfHatred, need to think about your own name and heritage. Joshua is a very Jewish name. Yes, it is from the Bible, but it’s an Old Testament name, making you a hypocrite. Likeswise, Bonehill is Anglo-Saxon. Now my name, Roberts, is Welsh. As someone who is clearly more British than you, please go home to Germany… Oh wait, you can’t because you have been born and raised here and everyone in your family as far back as you can go, has done too. So, exactly where do you want these Jews to go if they have the same heritage situation as you?

Now to address your actual blog. You acknowledge that you are promoting a ‘summer of hatred’ and yet you seem not to have a problem with the laws you are breaking by doing so. You also seem to have no concern for how Jewish people would feel in Golders Green. Think how you would feel if me and my British surnamed friends picked up a campaign to exterminate all you Anglo-Saxon ‘weeds’ out of our country because clearly it is ours? You are no better than the slave traders in America.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Lots of love from the German-Italian Brit with Russian Jewish, French and Welsh heritage teenager.