America needs stricter gun laws. The Charlston Church Shooting is a horrific news item headlining at the moment. It it horrific for two main reasons:

  1. A man claimed to be praying and shot peaceful worshippers
  2. The shooter committed the act because the attendees of the Methodist church just happened to be be African-American and this was a racially charged shooting.

Whilst I do not believe in religion, I do respect those who are peacefully praying to their deity. But I don’t want to talk about the painful event of a church service being disrupted by death: I want to tell America to tighten its gun controls.

It is disturbing to know that in 2015, Americans can just fill in a form and get a gun. It is terrible that white extremists can then use these guns to shoot black Americans. Violence towards some one for who they are (race, sex, sexuality, children) is some of the worst violence out there. In order to prevent it, stricter restrictions are needed on gun laws. This is due to the overwhelming number of school shootings which take place in America which is (as Obama said in his speech) not common in other developed countries.

I feel lucky to live in the UK as we have strict laws on firearms ownership. This is to the extent that even the police don’t carry guns. This means that it is difficult to own a gun and, unlike America, we do not have an unbelievable amount of cases where police have racially stereotyped and have shot innocent people.

However, this is not to say we don’t have school shootings. The last major one was in Dunblane, Scotland in March 1996. As a result, the government were forced to improve the private ownership of guns regulations.

As a Brit, I feel safe knowing the police can’t pull a gun on me. I feel safe knowing that it is incredibly difficult to get a gun in this country. I am proud to say I have never seen a real gun before (unless in a museum, but they’re old and don’t work). I can’t understand why every time there is a school shooting, when innocent children die, and even with all the campaigning from pressure groups and now even the President, America will not tighten up its gun controls. I know that it is written into the American Constitution but, to quote Fitz from Scandal, “so was slavery, but we changed that”. Please, for the sake of your children, America, tighten up your bloody gun controls.

After this latest shootings where innocent people were shot for the colour of their skin (I am trying very hard not to scream at how ludicrous that excuse is) isn’t it time to ammend your right to firearms?

What has happened this weak is devestating, but unfortunately not uncommon. I hope laws change soon so that every one can feel safe in school, church or the public.