The sequel to The Wizard of Oz

The programme cover for Wicked

Let me make this clear, I hate musicals. My sister and I went to London with our Italian grandma. So, The Tower of London for me and Wicked for my lil’ sis. But it was a good show.

I have a new-found respect for Elphaba, more commonly known as The Wicked Witch of The West, this story tells her side of the story. To me, I’m sure this is the point of the story, Elphaba was just an outcast trying to do good. No one listened or saw this happen and so assumed she was a bad person.

Elphaba was played by Louise Derman with her counter part of Glinda (The Good Witch of The North) was played by Gina Beck; both were wicked at their parts. I was really impressed with the standard of acting, singing and dancing. Every single part, no matter how small, was played fantastically.

Wicked starts at the end of The Wizard of Oz and then goes back in time to look at the story from Elphaba’s perspective – so watch the Wizard of Oz first!

The stage was really well designed and the costumes were perfect for the Land of Oz. Despite it being a musical, I had a really good time. However, it would’ve been better without the song and dance because it was a much better storyline than The Wizard of Oz – The Wizard is the worst hero ever… He can’t even save the animals!

For musical lovers, theatre goers, I can see why this is popular. I definitely recommend it.

That’s all from me, write to you next time x