Have a best friend

I feel blessed and proud to announce that I have a big hand full of very close friends. This is because when I had a big group of friends, I felt lost and unimportant. Now, I have a small group of friends (less than 10) – not including people who I get along with at school, these are acquaintances.

With these few friends, I know each of them well. I know what annoys them and I remember their siblings’ names. At least 5 of them are friends from school, so I see them everyday. However, today I wanted to tell you about 1 of my best friends, R.

R lives around 3 corners from me. We go to different schools and so only see each other at the weekend. As a result, her family know me well. I don’t just mean her mum, dad, sibling; I mean her grandparents (on both sides), her aunt, uncle and  cousin. This is the same for my family. We often joke that because we spend so much time at each others houses, we have our own corner with a blanket and food at the others house. I love that we are this close and the reality that this will not last forever upsets me.

My friends from school, I sometimes see out of school, not much though. This is mainly because I hate sleepovers and too lazy to do anything at the weekend but go to R’s. The great thing about having a few friends that are friends with each other is that we spend all breaks with one another. This way, I don’t feel as if I’ve missed anyone.

The point is, I think everyone should have this friendship with at least 1 person in their life. When things upset me, anyone of these people are the first I turn to. Everyone should be able to have someone who they trust enough to tell everything to.

That’s all from me, write to you next time x