I love these!

Gloriously Good Food

I absolutely adore Gratin Dauphinois!

It is one of the most indulgent ways to eat potatoes and, for years, I thought this was a really complicated recipe to make.  I then watched Chef James Martin make them on TV once and he had a method of cooking them in a pan that made me think “Ah, I can do that!” so over the years, I’ve adapted ingredients and quantities and put my own spin on the recipe.  The great thing about cooking is that, even with classic dishes that have been established for a very long time, everyone can put their own ‘stamp’ on a dish and make it their own 🙂

This is my take on the classic Gratin Dauphinois (Dauphinoise Potatoes / Potatoes Dauphinoise Style) – whatever you want to call it 😉

These potatoes are particularly delicious as an accompaniment to roast lamb!


For approx. 6…

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