I know what to not do in India, thank you 🙂

Alice Shi Kembel

The long awaited list for India!


Climb the columns at the Agra Fort

Stick your head, arms, or any other body part outside the rickshaw.

Throw a tantrum at the Taj Mahal

Trip your brother while he’s throwing a tantrum at the Taj Mahal

Take money or gems from the bottom of the fountain

Get near the camel’s legs


Lick the leaf you just picked off the ground

Fall asleep on the floor of the Taj Mahal

Paint the elephant’s tusk

Paint the elephant near its butt


Fall off the pier

Long jump onto the ferry boat

Lean too far off the side of the ferry

Try to steer the rickshaw when you’re sitting next to the driver

Fall out of the rickshaw

Smear your dirty hands on the museum display case when there is a “Do Not Touch” sign above it

Beg your mother to buy you a…

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